Kanata Environmental Network Summer Newsletter

KEN’s Summer Newsletter
Vegetable Garden Talk: Natural Pest Control Speaker: George Bushell Monday, July 9th 6:30-8:30 Sobey’s community meeting room
At the intersection of Hazeldean and Terry Fox in Kanata South
Organized by Kanata South community garden group and Just Food
More info contact Val at collinsprojectmanagement@rogers.com
Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge Summer Activities
Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge has lots of things happening this summer. Find out about summer camps for young animal lovers, educational farm tours, a mobile farm, and special workshops. The CCWR opened in 2011 and it is located just north of Kanata at 2494 Dunrobin Road. Visit the  website or read a brochure about summer activities. The summer camp runs July 9th to 13th or August 6th to 10th.
Do you have Maggots in your Green Bin?
Lots of people are complaining about maggots in their Green Bin this summer. Flies like to lay their eggs in warm, moist places. The Green Bin encourages moisture build-up which attracts flies during hot weather. The solution is to allow the waste material to dry out before and while it is in the Green Bin.
A great way to dry your waste is use a counter-top Kitchen Cone, which was invented by a local man. The Kitchen Cone is ventilated and fits a couple of folded sheets of newspaper. Believe it or not, the waste does not smell because it dries rather than rots. Because the newspaper liner dries and doesn’t get soggy, the Kitchen Cone stays clean, and you don’t have to wash out that messy counter-top bucket. Either the regular or the small format newspapers can be used.
I (Julie) keep the Green Bin in my garage and I have a screen that I place on top rather than closing the lid. This allows the waste material to dry out further. (Dry food waste doesn’t stink.) I use a leaf bag to line the Green Bin, just for good measure. The Kitchen Cone is available at Trudel Home Hardware on March Road across from Metro. For more information visit kitechencone.com.
Kanata Farmers’ Market Now Open
420 Hazeldean Road
Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. See MAP for location or WEBSITE for information.

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