Ottawa Police Service: West Carleton Weekly Activity update (June 17-23)

Weekly Activity Update: June 17/12 to June 23/12
Patrol Officers in the West Carleton area responded to 64 general calls for service from the public for the reporting period of June 17th to June 23rd. From these calls for service the following is a partial breakdown of incidents by Community:
  • Constance Bay: 1 Suspicious, 1 Theft, 1 Theft-fr-Veh.
  • West Carleton: 1 Aircraft, 1 Suspicious, 3 Theft
  • Carp Village: 1 Com-B&E
  • Manion Corners: 1 B&E
  • Eagle Creek: 1 Mischief
In addition to the calls for service, patrol officers are also proactively enforcing the Highway Traffic laws, responding to false 9-1-1 and alarm calls, and assisting the Ottawa Fire, Paramedics and By-law services.
RAISING THE ALARM and working together as a community to ward off crime that is what happened on Friday evening, June 15, at around 8:20 p.m. when a homeowner opened the front door to her house and was surprised by an intruder.  As the male stranger scrabbled about like a rat to get out of the house the homeowner screamed and yelled at him. This action not only instilled fear into the intruder but it forced him to switch into tunnel vision mode and it attracted the attention of the neighbours, who in turn rushed out to investigate.  The action of the homeowner yelling and screaming is no different in some sense from the police challenge -police don’t move or police stop resisting! Its purpose is to not only gain the perpetrator’s undivided attention but to attract the attention of bystanders so as to create witnesses. And, by creating witnesses you add more eyes and ears into the environment.
Scurrying for the back door and finding it locked, the intruder frantically scrabbled out the front door and took off on foot. Meanwhile, a getaway car that was waiting near the residence raced off down Driscoll Dr., leaving his partner in crime behind.
Upon hearing the screams witnesses quickly scanned their space for the threat and focused in on four white males. As one witness made his way down to the end of the street a dark green vehicle that was making its getaway nearly struck him down just as he was making note of its licence plate number.
Thanks to the neighbours who responded quickly to the call for assistance, they became the eyes and ears in the community and were able to capture important information for police.
LOOK DEER  90% of Ottawa’s landmass is rural. Thatís 2230 km2 of countryside filled with lots of wildlife and roads, WOW! No wonder coexistence is a challenge.
When travelling along the highways and byways of rural Ottawa please take the time to scan the shoulders and ditches for deer and other wildlife, especially during the dusk and dawn times of the day.
Week twenty-five ended with five more deer collisions being reported in rural Ottawa- one each in the rural west wards and three in rural east Ottawa.
The deer collision counter for rural west Ottawa now stands at 43 to 22 in favor of Rideau-Goulbourn. This time last year the collision counter stood at 67 to 42, in favor of Rideau-Goulbourn.
To keep tabs on the deer just follow the link to the Manotick Neighbourhood Watch website ó and see for yourself where the deer, moose and bears are hanging out.
June 23 Diamondview Road, West Carleton. Shortly before 8 a.m. on Sat., June 23, police were dispatched to the Carp Airport for a report of an aircraft in distress. On speaking with the airport manager it was learned that the Ottawa International Airport received a ‘Mayday’ from the area of the Carp Airport and CFB Trenton received an Emergency Locator Transmitter (E.L.T.) activation signal. Not long after police were directed to a farm off of Diamondview Rd. for a report of an aircraft landing in the corn fields. Upon arrival police officers spoke with the uninjured pilot. According to the pilot, just after taking off from the Carp Airport for a morning cruise around the Carp area he smelt fuel and felt something was wrong with the aircraft. Turning back for the airport the engine suddenly sputtered and stopped. Quickly realizing that there was no other option the pilot picked a field and attempted to land. As the plane descended and drove through the corn stalk it quickly lost speed and flipped over.
Break and Enter:
June 21 Donald B Munro Drive, Carp Village. Sometime during the overnight hours on Thurs., June 21, between 10 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., an unidentified culprit broke into the Carp Pizza restaurant and stole $85 in loose change. Entry and exit to the establishment was made through an open side window.
June 22 Corkery Road, Manion Corners. A homeowner reported that his garage was rifled through at around 10 p.m. on Thurs., June 21 and a $3000 bicycle was stolen. The unidentified culprit entered into the garage through an unlocked side door and searched through the garage and parked vehicles. The bicycle was the only item discovered stolen and was described as a 24-speed Jekyll 800 mountain bike, baby blue in colour. It can be identified by the serial number 715213NB0071920NJMMO. The homeowner stated that the garage and house were marked with ADT security stickers at the time of the B&E.
June 17 Royal Troon Lane, Eagle Creek. At around midnight on Sunday a homeowner awoke to the sound of strange noises coming from outside of her house. It sounded like something was thrown against the house. Upon investigation it was discovered that her front porch had been egged by some unidentified pranksters.
June 19 Oak Creek Road, West Carleton. Shortly after 1 a.m. on Tuesday a homeowner observed some headlights near her barn and suspected that someone was attempting to break-in. Before she could get to the barn the vehicles took off back towards the roadway and disappearing out of sight. Police searched the area but were unable to locate any suspicious vehicles or people.
June 23 Bayview Drive, Constance Bay. Just before 11:30 p.m. on Saturday six youths were observed beating up on a mailbox at the corner of Bayview and Len Purcell Dr. The complainant suspected that the kids were drunk and possibly heading towards the community center. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the male youths.
June 18 Panmure Road, West Carleton. Sometime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Mon., June 18, an unidentified culprit entered into an unlocked barn and stole some power equipment.  Reported stolen were a chain saw, a leaf blower and a workshop vacuum. The chain saw was described as a 14î gas powered  Poulin, line green in colour with a black blade. The leaf blower was described as gas powered Poulin blower, yellow and white in colour. The vacuum cleaner was described as a 22 litre Shop Vac, red and white in colour. A suspicious ‘old beat up green’ car was observed leaving the homeowner’s driveway at around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13 or Thursday, June 14 for unexplained reasons.
June 18 Loggers Way, West Carleton. Sometime between 9:20 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, June 18, an unidentified culprit entered into an open garage and helped himself to the homeownerís power tools. A Mastercraft 12 dual sliding compound mitre saw, a Mastercraft skill saw, a Milwaukee sawzall, and a hammer drill case were reported stolen.
June 22  3088 Dunrobin Road, West Carleton. At 3:45 hrs on Friday an unidentified culprit was observed riding off with a bicycle that was left insecure at the West Carleton HS, just as the owner was walking out of the building.  The cyclist reported that he left his bike leaning against the building and that a tanned looking male wearing a red baseball cap rode away with the bike. The bicycle was described as a red and black men’s Nakamouda Monster mountain bike with a blue lock wrapped around the seat.
June 22 Fireside Drive, Constance Bay. Shortly before 5 a.m. on Friday police received a call from a homeowner reporting a bright stationary light coming from behind the retention pond off of Beverly St. in Stittsville. On closer examination police located a partially submerged vehicle sitting nose first in the pond with the headlights switched on and the windshield wipers beating time to the honking of the horn. The driver was nowhere to be found and the key was still in the ignition. Running the licence plate for further information police discovered that the vehicle hadn’t been reported stolen and the registered owner lives in Constance Bay.
Attending the vehicle owner’s residence on Fireside police learned that the caretaker was completely unaware that the vehicle was missing from his driveway until he received an early morning call from the owner who lives in town. According to the caretaker, the car was last seen in his driveway at around 8:30 p.m. on Thurs., June 21 with the ignition keys stored in the center console and the door left unlocked.
As the tow company arrived on site to fish out the vehicle from the pond peace returned to the sleepy town of Stittsville. The threshold between chaos and peace was marked by the windshield wipers dragging out its last beat to the final squawks of car horn and the headlights giving way to the darkness.
 Crime prevention is proactive rather than reactive – we must all work together to keep crime at bay. Please, take the time to remove your valuables and keys from your vehicles and make it a habit to lock your doors (house and car) at all times.
Theft from Vehicle:
June 22 Fireside Drive, Constance Bay. Two unlocked vehicles were rummaged through by an unidentified culprit sometime during the overnight hours on Thurs., June 21. Nothing was reported stolen and no damage was done to the vehicles.
Make the right Call:
        The West Carleton Police Centre is located at 5670 Carp Road and can be reached at 236-1222 ext. 2982. The Centre is a ìcommunity problem-solving centreî and is responsible for the delivery of the Ottawa Police crime prevention programs.  
It is important to note that the West Carleton CPC is not an emergency response centre and that we do not dispatch cars to complaints or crimes in progress. When these situations arise, it is important to know the numbers to call for an appropriate response:
  •  911  for life-threatening emergencies or crimes in progress;
  •  613-230-6211 ñ other emergencies, i.e.: suspicious incident or disturbance;
  •  613-236-1222, ext. 7300 ñ the O.P.S. call centre, to report a theft, missing person or stolen vehicle;


  • 311  for Bylaw Dispatch Services.
All of these numbers along with other useful information can be found in the red pages at the front of your residential directory.
If you have any information regarding any criminal activity, call Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477 (TIPS), or toll free at 1-800-222-8477.
Finally, if you are ever in doubt as to whether or not you should call police, or you cannot remember the non-emergency numbers, call 9-1-1.  The caring and professional 9-1-1 Call Takers will steer you in the right direction.