Somatics Yoga – trial class

Dunrobin Community Association will be offering a trial SomaYog class at Dunrobin Community Centre on Sunday December 16th at 1 pm, with Ottawa renowned Somatic Movement Educator, Richard Hudspith. Please reply to Margot Menna to reserve your spot.

Cost will be $8 to $10 depending on number of participants.

The capacity to move is a vital aspect of our lives and we move our body everyday. We walk to our job, run to the bus, work at our desk, stand in lines, workout at the gym, do yoga and play sports. However, many people don’t understand the mechanics of movement and think they have to work hard to develop greater mobility or flexibility (ie: no pain, no gain). This is not the case. The practice of Somatic movement can help rectify this misunderstanding.

Being so busy in our lives, we often forget how to restore the body back to a balanced state, one in which the muscles are relaxed and soft, rather than being rigid and tight. Somatic movement not only relaxes muscles and reduces muscular pain, but also soothes the nervous system. This is a distinct and important benefit.

Please visit the Dunrobin Community Association website for more information