Old Carp Road Traffic Preferred Options

Meeting minutes from Old Carp Road preferred traffic options.

Purpose of meeting: To address concerns about increased traffic on Old Carp road due to the new Kanata North Development.

Date and Time: January 7th at 7:30

Preferred options:

  • Dead end the road
  • Speed Cushioning/speed bumps
  • Local traffic only signs
  • No truck signs
  • East-west corridor built in new development

None preferred options:

  • Stop signs
  • Expanding the road

City Planner contact: Wendy Tse – Wendy.Tse@ottawa.ca

Minutes from the meeting:

  • John Horowitz lead the meeting by welcoming the residents and introducing the councillors
  • John gave a run down on the development for those who were not aware of the current development. This included expected population (7000-10,000 people) and what stage the development is in (working towards current preferred plan to be presented at a tbd time)
  • John Presented information on the background of the road. This included that in the City’s current Transportation Master Plan, Old Carp Road is viewed as a collector road, not a local road. Because of this the road is expected to support certain amount of traffic.
  • Question from a resident on expected traffic:
  • Marianne Wilkinson informed the crowed stating that the transportation plan for the area is not done yet. This is conducted during the Environmental assessment which will look at several impacts from the new development including traffic.
  • Question from resident if plan would look at expected vehicles per hour on Old Carp Road?
  • John stated that this was unknown
  • It was expressed that people felt Old Carp Road should no longer be considered a collector road
  • It was stated that in the next Transportation Master Plan is in 2018 with planning in 2017. In that time removing Old Carp Road as a collector road from the list should take place if people wanted.
  • It was brought up that there is a push to make Old Carp Road a heritage road. This would be a continuing idea moving forward.
  • It was stated multiple times by the Councillors’ and John that it is important to write in and make your voice heard. The Contact for Wendy Tse, the city planner was requested and is provided at the top of this document and following: Wendy.Tse@ottawa.ca
  • In conclusion each option was put forward to residents asking for a vote on preferred and non-preferred options. The results are at the top of the minutes.

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