March Central Community Center

Hello March Rural Community

We have been approached by  Eli & the City Parks and Recreation department regarding the community center on Riddel Drive. The March Central Community Center  is currently rented out to a private group which uses it as a school. The city has been notified that this group wishes to give up some of the lease. This means some of the space will be returning to be used as community space. We have been asked if there is any particular group or need that this space would serve. The goal is to have a general idea of what is needed out of this community space so renovations can happen to support it this summer. The current idea is to turn it into Multi-use space. Saying that if there is prevalent need in the community it may be used otherwise. The idea of the MRCA assuming more responsibility for the space was raised. Opinions and ideas on this would be appreciated as well.

This item will be on our agenda at April 8th meeting for discussion.

As well you can send your comments & ideas to the MRCA president at


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