February meeting minutes

March Rural Community Association

Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2015

Welcome:   Alex welcomed all attending the meeting with guests Christine Collins , City of Ottawa Environmental Dept. and  Eli El-Chantiry, Ward 5 Councillor.

Alex used the new microphone and sound system available for guest speakers.

Circulation of Correspondence File:  

There were 3 articles in the correspondence file mentioned:

1)  March Central Community Center.  There is now space available at the Community Center on Riddle Drive and suggestions are requested on what the usage could be without much added cost  ie. Scouts or Girl Guides.   It is unknown at this time how much space will be available.

2) Friends of Huntley Highlands – The 2nd Public Meeting will be held Wed March 11th.

3)  Minutes of the January 2015 meeting and subjects for future meetings.

Development File:

There are 3 items of interest in the Development File:

1) 3001 Palladium Drive – application for a 200,000. Sq. ft. Building.

2) 469 Terry Fox – The Rural Newsletter gives notice of a Development Application sent to the OMB  for the area of South March Highlands – Richardson Ridge development.

1st Issue – There is a lack of public information on this application.

2nd Issue is the stormwater management plan shows it sitting on a flood plane. Plain

3) March Road Development  – Old Carp Road update of a meeting held January 7/15. The meeting was held with regard to a new exit road from the new subdivision onto the Old Carp Road, as part of the Kanata North Development Plan.

Green Bin Program:

Presentation given by Christine Collins from the City of Ottawa Environmental Dept., Outreach Unit

The Green Bin is picked up 52 weeks a year and includes compostable material from ashes to kitty litter to wax paper.    DO NOT PUT COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC  CONTAINERS, DIAPERS AND PET FECES IN YOUR GREEN BIN.

The best way to keep it clean is to wrap food waste in paper.  Liquid waste such as bacon grease can be collected in a milk carton or a cardboard /fibre container and disposed of in the green bin.  These are options to expensive bags.

During the summer months wrapping the food and freezing it until ready to discard is the best preventative way to avoid maggots  (fly eggs).

The City Website shows how to wrap food waste.  Anything made of fibre that has food containments can be placed in the green bin.

Website Tool:  There is a tool on the website that has tips and reminders for anyone who registers to receive an email, phone call or tweet.  It will also tell you where to dispose of hazardous waste or batteries.  There are currently over 50,000 people registered on this website.

Foam trays for meat and other similar products should be disposed of in the garbage.

Diapers:  There is a special program to pick up ONLY DIAPERS.  Register with the City.

Recycleable plastic is available in some stores. The packaging industry is gradually changing with less styrofoam and more moulded cardboard.

It was suggested that the City should push for less Styrofoam from corporate companies and stores.  The City does make the municipalities aware of the different acceptable processes however the federal level governs the process.  Toronto does accept plastic in compost.

Negotiations with ORCA world to accept biodegradeable bags are taking place however they have a 20 day turnaround timeframe which is not enough to compost the plastic bags.

Judy suggested residents use paper bags, coffee cups, cereal boxes (minus the plastic insert) to collect liquid waste to dispose of in the green bins.  Another suggestions is to take your own container to restaurants for extra food rather than using the styrofoam provided by most restaurants.

Q:  What is the status for the landfill proposed in the East end before the E.A. within the City?

  1. Eli El-Chantiry answered that the City has to provide 60%. Incineration costs three times as much as landfill. Plasco has not been successful with the program here in Ottawa.  Wet products do not work.  Curbside garbage goes to Trail Road.  The Black and Blue Bins are now working however the Green Bin is only averaging 53%.  $8 million has been made by recycling products.  If people use the green bin the city makes money from the compost.  The residents need to know this and the training needs to start with the children who eventually pass the info to their parents.

Rink Update:  This has been the best rink year ever and has been very busy.  Anyone wishing to reserve ice time should put up a 8×10 sheet of paper with pertinent information.  The issue of a washroom is being discussed.  Eli has spoken with City staff and suggested that MRCA request that city staff come and look at the building to perhaps install a wall or set of firedoors to allow access to the washrooms.  Money has been set aside for renovations.  Todd was asked to order a port-a-potty for use for the next month or two.

City Budget:  The budget for the city has been set at $3.7 Million.  A meeting has been scheduled at the Kinburn  Client Center on Feb 25/15 to provide residents  of the community to speak to concerned issues.  Individuals will be allowed 5 minutes to speak.  More information can be found at the City website under Ottawa Budget 2015.

Treasurer Report:    In John’s absence Alex mentioned that he did receive all the rink.

New Business:   Issues brought up at last meeting are being addressed with Eli except the park and ride at the Richcraft Building.

Picnic:  The Dekok’s would like to host the picnic again this year.

Development File:  The MRCA was not notified of the development plan at Richardson Ridge.

Plasco Issue:   The Plasco Program is not working.  The Plan was not realistic.  Some communities are asking the City to look into the Master Plan.  Companies are inquiring how much leftover waste is being sent to Plasco.  Questions arise on how to change people’s habits.  Wet garbage costs a lot of money to dry and incinerate.  Christine Collins is available to speak to schools, community groups and retailers on recycling.  The Website has “The Waste Explorer” to tell you where to get rid of waste with Tips on the best ways to recycle.

NEXT MEETING:  March  11,2015  TOPIC:    Kanata North Development Plan

April   8, 2015     TOPIC:   311 Information

Judy moved that the Meeting  be closed.  Seconded by Ann.


March Rural Community Center Space, Traffic on Old Second Line,  Heritage sign,  Survey issues and grants. Upcoming meeting location for MRCA meetings,  Trail at Sheila McKee Park,  Washroom at Rink.


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