May Meeting Water and Well’s

On May 13th at 7:30 the March Rural Community Association is inviting you to come learn about water and wells. Happening at the Old Town Hall, 821 March Road, we will be having presenters talk about Well’s and Water. With so much development happening in our community this meeting is a must for those concerned about their wells. The City has confirmed that Public Health will be present and they will as well be brining test bottles as part of the Free Rural Well Testing program. If you ever wanted to test your well under this program or could not get a chance to pick up a test bottle this is your chance. If you plan on coming please email so we can ensure there is enough test bottles for all who want one.  Public Health will as well touch upon Lyme disease and West Nile. The MRCA is as well still in discussion about further presenters about well testing and care. Air Rock Drilling will as well be present to discuss about well care and testing. In our experience some times during developments people wells get damaged through blasting. Air Rock will touch upon what needs to happen to document well pressures so you have a record of what your well was like.  We will as well be talking about updates to the Kanata North Development along March Road. Our 2015 September picnic is as well starting to pick up steam so if you are interested in helping out let us know! At our last meeting we had 311 out to talk about how the city service works. When in doubt, try 311 for help requesting city services. There are a few ways you can get contact 311. You have the ability of calling on your phone by just dialing 311. You can also contact 311 through email at  If you prefer an app you can use SeeClickFix, which allows you to file a report through an app or through the website. When you contact 311 it opens a ticket which then allows the city to identify chronic issues in certain areas. This can be potholes or graffiti, trash that has been dumped on the side of the road, waste collection issues (and broken recycling and green bin containers), and much more. If you have any question or want to be on added onto our mailing list, email See on you May 13th!


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