September Meeting Agenda!

  1. Welcome; Introductions


  1. Circulation of Correspondence file:


    1. Cost Sharing Park Development
    2. Setback From Railway Corridors
    3. Environmental Noise Control guidelines
    4. Celebrate the Hills



  1. Development Applications and Development updates:
  1. Kanata North Update
  2. 915 and 945 Riddell
  3. 5100 Kanata Ave
  4. 1100 Canadian Shield Ave



  1. Minutes – Business arising


  1. Treasurer’s Report


  1. New Business:


    1. Well testing- Where do we stand?


    1. Picnic Update


    1. Elections


Continuing issues:

  • Traffic on Old Second Line
  • Speeding on local roads.
  • March Central Community center
Grant Applications:

  • Trail at Sheila Mckee park
  • Change hut at Rink
  • Historic village sign
  • Small signs for meeting.

Next meeting October the 14 th 2015


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