February 2012

March Rural Community Association


February 8, 2012

President Judy Makin called the meeting to order at 7:30.

1.      Attending Directors:  Alex Aronec, Wendy Barber, Marie Cook, Marjorie Edwards, Todd Lafontaine, Judy Makin, Ken McQueen, Dave Steadman, Martha Webber.

Regrets: Chris Busby, Mary Dekok, Bob Gregory, Phoebe Webber, Ann Ward, Brian Ward, Tricia Willink.

2.      Circulation of Correspondence:

  • January minutes
  • NCC Plan to expand the Greenbelt
  • City settlement with Greenspace Alliance re Eco-corridor
  • Rezoning application to ARAC re: Constance Lake
  • Opportunity to fund raise for the Recreation Complex
  • Final ARC proposal

3.      Presentation by Faith Blacquiere and Gordon Henderson regarding current water issues in urban Kanata and the ramifications of development in the South March Highlands and along the Carp River on the quantity and quality of well water in MRC. We were urged to establish a chronology of water quality and quantity in MRCA and to rebuild the corporate memory that was lost at the time of amalgamation.

4.      Development applications: none in MRC. The issue of urban boundary, the OMB, and resolutions sought by the developers was noted.

5.      There was no treasurer’s report.

6.      The December minutes were approved (Wendy and Dave). Action: Tricia needs a copy of the MRCA constitution and bylaws.

7.      Marie reported that the final ARC public meeting will be held on March 5th. Those with comments to make must register on the School Board website.

8.      Discussion about the grant application was deferred.

9.      It was noted that the expansion of the NCC greenbelt north of the Riddell Road does not preclude this option for building the bridge from Quebec.

10.  The Federation of Citizens Associations will be hosted by MRCA on March 7th at the Old Town Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Next meeting: March 14th, 2012.

Watching briefs:  Sheila McKee Park; bridge to Aylmer via Riddell Drive; commuter train from Pontiac to Ottawa via Kanata.