January 2011

March Rural Community Association

Minutes – Jan. 12/2011

Call to Order (Time 7:30);

Attendance: Georgina Bartos, Jane McLoed, Marjorie Edwards, Phoebe Webber, Judy Makin, Marie Cook, Jack Dekok, Mary Dekok, David Makin, Todd LaFontaine, Bob Gregory, Martha Webber

  1. Circulation of Correspondence file

a.       Copy of MRA meeting  announcement from local newspapers

b.      Consultation around garbage collection – list of consultations sessions and online consultations

c.       South March Highlands – media release this week and rally tomorrow

d.      Invitation to Winter West Festival, Kanata Chamber of Commerce – Kanata is trying to put on events while Winterlude is on. MRA is invited to put on an event.

  1. No guest speaker.
  1. Development Applications: No new development applications

1905 Marchurst Rd is for sale. This property was draft approved for a rural estate subdivision a few years ago. Last June they received an extension to June 2013 to develop.

  1. Business arising:

a.       Discussion of strategies to raise membership.

January is traditionally the lowest turnout. Judy and Marjorie are going to the Federation of CA’s Meeting and will raise the question about membership. Some MRCA Board members will be moving away and there is no one to take their place.

We need to get people out when there is an issue that makes everyone upset, and then they realize they need to be here to have a voice.

Concern: when people come we don’t make an effort to talk to them. We need to pull them in.

Sign: Carp/ Huntley CA has a sign for their Community. Why can’t we have a sign? Question: Does the Community Association have to pay for a sign? Jack Dekok will find out. Suggestion: Put up an MRA sign on the old Mr Gas property.  There used to be a sign out front of the old town hall and it was fine as long as it was there for a temporary period of time, but at some point was removed by the City.

Bob Gregory: You need draw crowds e.g.12 speakers in the year, and other events. Advertise the upcoming events.

Todd: We have a process, how can we modify the process to get it out to people.  1550 households live in March Rural. Suggestion: send a flyer,  or go door to door asking if people are interested in receiving an MRA email. We are not a true representation of the March Rural as a whole because we don’t have younger members, or people from the new subdivisions. There are a lot of new families with kids in March Rural and we only have one person on the Board with young kids.

Consider joining with the Dunrobin Community association; they do sports, etc. Check with Morgan’s Grant and Beaverbrook and see what their turnout is. Kanata Lakes is defunct.

The rink isn’t known by the majority of people. Suggestion: Advertise in the EMC and the KK to publicize the rink location. Todd to call the City about a sign for MRA at the rink.

Need a brochure to give out to people who come for a special meeting, and at the Carp Market, and Landsdowne Park Farmers Market.  Brochure – who we are on one side and pictures and issues on the other side. Things young families are interested in, soccer fields, bikes, speaker suggestions: park and ride, garbage.

Speakers for now to June:

Garbage: – has to be next month because it’s an issue with the city- Bob G.

Schools: – accommodation and boundaries; Chair of the Board Cathy Currie; the Catholic school system has a one school one neighbourhood system. Lynn Scott is our school board Trustee. John Currie is the Catholic Trustee (Trish )

OC Transpo: – park and ride – should be jointly with Morgan’s Grant (Judy)

Heritage  – Marie

Ground water/ Wells: – Todd

b. Commemorative naming for Sheila McKee – Riverfront Park or something associated with the new Rec centre?. Need to lobby with Marianne Wilkinsen and Eli El-Chantiry to make it happen. The initial request should come from the president of the MRCA. Contact other community associations to lobby because Sheila represented more than March Rural

c. Move donation to QCH to next month

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer not present.
  1. Marjorie’s message:

As a community association we talk to the city and the city comes and listens to us, then they do what the developers tell them to do. It’s something pervasive across the province that ordinary citizens are not being heard. We don’t get the results we want. This should go to the Federation of Associations. The Province of Ontario is the only one with a municipal board that is unelected and appointed and makes final decisions. Nowhere else in the country does that happen, so why does it happen here?

The OMB is there to be sure the rules and regulations are followed. The city is the one that makes up the plans. They want rural villages to be built to urban standards. All the OMB does is say once those rules are in place, then development will occur according to those rules.

Westboro had a community design plan that was added to the Official plan as a secondary plan. There was new development approved in Westboro where the secondary plan was not given weight and the new development is against the secondary plan.

  1. New Business:

March Rural Parks. There is supposed to be new developments for parks. The city usually takes cash in lieu.

Adjournment  (Time 9:11)

Next meeting – Feb 9 2011