October 2010

March Rural Community Association

Minutes – October 13, 2010
Call to Order (Time 7:32);

  1. Attendance:

Judy Makin, Marie Cook, Marilyn Shiposh, Phoebe Webber, Todd Lafontaine Georgina Bartos, Martha Webber, Jane McLeod, Marjorie Edwards, Ken McQueen, Chris Busby, Tricia Willink,

  1. Circulation of Correspondence file
    1. Comments about YMCA site plan. Tom Levy, who lives across the road from the YMCA, added his comments
    2. 1156 March Road Lance Larkin sent the plan to the hydro geological engineer. The report is back and includes well monitoring for contamination.
    3. 467 Terry Fox subdivision in special study area (Richardson Ridge). Comments were submitted by MRA. The Planning & Environment Committee approved rezoning for subdivision. There is the possibility of an OMB review.
  1. Ward 5 Candidates Meeting:  Eli El-Chantiry, James Parsons, Alex Aronec

Opening Comments:


Thanked the MRA for keeping his “feet to the fire” and support in the past. He was elected in 2003. South March became part of the Ward in 2006. The Rural Summit One was ground breaking for everyone to understand the different needs of urban and rural areas. Rural summit 2 was also a success.


He is 47 years old and has lived in Ottawa all his life. He started his own business in 1988. His business is limited because of pesticide use. He can’t use them to run his business. He finds there is a disconnect between West Carleton and Eli El-Chantiry. West Carleton is mostly retirement and farmers. He wants a connection between West Carleton and Ottawa. He mentioned traffic problem and getting stuck in traffic during rush hour.


He is Project Control Officer for Ward 5 company and Political science student at

Carleton. He has one goal which is to change the way the City thinks. He wants

to change the City from thinking in a 4 year cycle, to 5 or 10 years down the road.

Questions: Are you for or against the Carp dump expansion?

Jim : It’s up to the provincial government and not the Mayor or the City. Incineration should be set up west/south/east and the power used for transit system. This will be a vision 5-10 years in advance and will cost 100s of millions of dollars but will pay off in the long run.

Alex: He is for the expansion. It was an issue in 06 and nothing happened. The

current dump is full and there is no alternative. If there was an alternative, he would be for that instead.

Eli – The new technology was not in the old dump. Now the new technology will

protect us. When the application to expand the dump came to Council, conditions

were added and presented to the Ministry. Waste Management has not agreed to

four of the conditions. 125000 tons of residential waste could be taken care of by

new technology but the new technology has not been approved by the Ministry.

Questions: The current planning department does not listen to the community

associations. How do you intend to change this?

Alex: Started to investigate how the system works in the city because the MRA

raised this concern when he was here last month. He found that there needs to be a legalized process were Community Association are consulted at every stage. This will create huge amount of paperwork.

Jim: Not sure he fully understand the disconnects. He spoke with Bob at the

arena in Carp. The City as a set way of running, and there are a certain number of

employees and expense. Now the City no longer wants to run the sports because of the expense. Before local people ran the sports and they did a great job. He doesn’t have pat answers.

Eli: There is no problem to have the staff at the MRA meetings. The problem is the issues are not always enforceable. They have a legal obligation and need to balance the community needs and the cost to the city. 70% of the time when someone goes against the OMB and the city staff, they lose. The OMB is needed as a safeguard. The official plan is followed and that’s what needs to be changed.

Question: Ottawa Hydro increase.

Eli: Some of the Ward is under Hydro One, some Hydro Ottawa. Both are going up. He’s not happy. He writes to his MPP and they don’t listen. It’s provincial issue.

James: Against

Alex: Against. We need to think outside the box.

Questions: What is your plan for the traffic problem in the City of Ottawa.

Alex: The tunnel and light rail. People can’t get around the city easily. Create major arteries to get people to transportation hubs. Congestion charge for people who live downtown and drive a vehicle. Look at ideas that work around the world and see if they work here.

Eli: Voted for North South light rail. The message in March Rural area is that they

don’t like the North South. He voted against the North South. Now it’s East-West and the tunnel. The best way to get 1048 buses off the surface is to go underground with electric light rail.

Jim: Light rail – yes. Tunnel – no. 100% of the people in West Carleton use their

car. Light rail with an enclosed track and solar power that is powered by garbage

incineration. None of systems will get people out of their vehicles in Kemptville, West Carleton, any of the outlaying areas. The buses are needed to get people home.

Question: Which is your local community association and how often do you go.

Jim: Live in Bydon Acres, West Ottawa, on the river. Self employed with 3 teenager children. Has not done a lot in the community due to time constraints. Kinburn is closest. Fitzroy is close by. In a few more years when the kids are done he has time to slow down.

Alex: Lives down the road from the Old Town Hall. MRA is his closest meeting. He did not want to get too involved with the MRA incase the election got ugly and he didn’t want to drag the MRA into that.

Eli: Attended here even before he was a counselor. He bought the Lighthouse

in Constance Bay. He lives in Morgan’s Grant. Chair of Bay action team. He has

property in Dunrobin.

Question: You have heard of the Beaver Pond that is not in this ward. The South

March Highlands, the Carp Hills. The NCC is making noises that it is interesting in acquiring the Beaver Pond and maybe the Carp Ridge. What are the assets/liabilities for the NCC acquiring the property.

Jim: Worked with the NCC one summer for forestry/fish and wildlife. The organization used to be much bigger. Now they are contracting all over the place. They have allowed some of their greenbelt property to be developed. They are political and should not be in the area.

Alex. If the NCC show enough of a commitment then the city should back off. If there was an issue between the NCC and a farmer such as expropriating property then Alex would be there listening. The City would not be involved in the situation unless they were needed.

Eli: See if NCC are interested in a finger from the green belt, such as the Beaver

Pond. They are full of professional people who understand the environment.

Their decision might not be on time to do this. If the NCC is interested then the

development can be put on hold.

Question: There has been a strong feeling in the MRA that the city planners stay in their office and don’t come out to look at the roads. What about decentralization of the planning staff. We know the lands, and for some lands we can say those land are under water every spring. The planner only sees the hydrological report.

Eli: Some are decentralized in Kinburn and Kanata. This is a fundamental issue

about the timing of the hydrogeological because of the piece meal of development. 15 homes does not require a traffic study but when it’s 15 homes here and 15 homes there the traffic is choking us. A traffic study should be done on the whole concept from Dunrobin to Kanata. The last official plan was not approved and that’s why March Rd was not widened to Dunrobin Road.

Alex; Approved. How to do it. Maybe ways to connect their office in their vehicles so they don’t have to go to the office.

Jim: Approved. A lot can be done in the office with air photo’s and GPS systems. If they don’t see the water levels then their plans won’t work.

Question: The present mayor has said he wants the urban boundary expanded.

Jim: This is urban sprawl. If you are making developments like you are in this area and bring in the water and sewer, then it’s part of the city. If you put in 15 homes here, and 15 homes over there, then that’s urban sprawl. It’s worse than putting in a certain amount of houses in a small area. Keep urban urban and rural rural.

Alex: No. The city should be putting more focus on developments inside the

green belt and the developments out here should be appropriate to rural.

Eli: Agree to expand the urban boundary to St. Isadore’s in order to widen March

Road. The road wasn’t widened. The official plan needs to be reviewed and

intensification needs to be done. Ward 5 is West Carleton March but we need to look at the whole city.

Question: What committee would you most like to chair/vice chair? Will you run again if you lose?

Alex. Rural affairs and cultural affairs committee. He will run again.

Jim: Environmental issues (does not know name of committee), police services

board. Right now he’d say yes he will run, but he might thing differently in four years.

Eli: Police Services. Mississippi Valley Conservation. He is on several committees and will continue on all of them.

Question: What is your view on tax increases?

Eli: He voted on a cost of living increase. There is 2% infrastructure levy because the infrastructure is depleted and needs to catch up. 1.9% cost of living tax increases. This is hard on people on fixed income.

Alex: You should always gun for zero, but you need to do what you need to do.

Jim: Self employed and has to earn his living day in and day out. The taxes are

hurting him and he’s not sure if he can work enough to recoup his loses. If there isn’t enough money for the projects in the city, then the staff that would have done the project needs to be laid off. Taxes are too high.

Questions: Extending bicycle pathway into Rural Kanata and West Carleton. From the centre of Kanata you can bike downtown, but you have to bike on the road out in rural areas.

Jim: All new roads must have a bicycle path attached. The roads aren’t safe for

bicycles. If there are people willing to utilize it, then it’s fine. If people aren’t going to use it, then it’s wasted money.

Eli: There is a plan to add bicycle lanes to all new roads.

Alex: Supports bicycle lanes on roads such as Dunrobin road. In the outlying areas, a paved shoulder is enough.

Closing comments:

Jim: Hopes to see a higher turnout than the 50-54% that normally turn out. There are other plans available than just raising taxes.

Alex: Welcomes any comments, call him or visit his website.

Eli: Asks for your vote. He is available to all of us. His heart is in

West Carleton/March even though he doesn’t always sleep here.

End of Candidates Meeting:

  1. Development Applications: None in March Rural
  1. Sept 8 Minutes – Business arising:

(a) Richardson ridge subdivision on 200 acres of South March Highlands

Old growth forest cut, rocks blasted, species at risk.

Extensive comment submitted. This is not in our ward and we need to decide if we go to the OMB.

Chris Busby went to the OMB with Marianne Wilkinson when she was acting as a private citizen.  The OMB dismissed the case. The OMB usually rules with the developer unless there is a strong reason to go against them. There is a small financial obligation of $125 dollars to file the application. It’s a legal situation and you need to have a lawyer and experts. You can’t file as an individual.

One of the reasons the MRA incorporated was not to be standing as an individual in front of the OMB.

The South March Highlands group that is going in front of the OMB has expanded their mandate to include protection of the entire South March Highlands and Carp River floodplain.

Question: Should the MRA present Richardson Ridge to the OMB or should it support the Coalition?

Suggestion: Judy Makin – will find out more information about what the Coalition is doing and what they need. She will contact the directors if a quick decision is needed.

(b) Richcraft owns environmentally protected property on Huntmar Drive. They have applied to have it rezoned. The rezoning has not been approved yet because the Official Plan will have to be amended. It’s a major revision of a boundary and requires an official plan amendment. There will be further discussion in council. The study is based only on vegetation and should include wildlife, habitat, etc.

(c) Income Property

The Wag group decided not to rent the property on March Road. It’s not secure enough against vandalism. The soccer leagues said no, the school said no, Ultimate Frisbee said no. Suggestion: Contact the Community Garden Association?

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Chequing Account as of Oct 14    1,486.93

Gic as of June 30    14,258.06

Total    15,744.99

Regular Meeting closed 9:05 by Judy Makin

Special meeting opened 9:05 by Marie Cook, to receive nominations for Executive positions and Directors. Directors have to attend 5/10 meetings.  The following were confirmed:

President: Judy Makin

Secretary/Webmaster: Phoebe Webber

Past President and Vice President: Marie Cook

Treasurer: Marilyn Shiposh

Rink Manager: Todd Lafontaine


Georgina Bartos

Chris Busby

Marjorie Edwards

Jane McCloud

Ken McQueen

Martha Webber

Tricia Willnik

Bob Gregory

Wendy Barber

David Makin

(Note – Later – Mary DeKok agreed to continue as Director.)

Resources:  Brian and Ann Ward

Special meeting closed: 9:14

Regular meeting re-opened: 9:14

  1. Sheila McKee memorial:

Suggestions: Commemorative tree, or a bench at Pinhey’s Point, rename a park, hall in New Rec centre, Volunteer award. Suggestion by Eli El-Chantiry: Submit request to Commemorative naming committee  to recommend something in March Rural to be named after her. Eli El-Chantiry and Marianne Wilkinsen will support it. Internship in community newspapers.  Ask Brian Ward or Marianne Wilkinsen or Tom Flood to provide information.  Judy will ask for information on Commemorative Naming from the City.

  1. New Business

Neigbourhood Watch: Suggestions signs along the road. Michael Wong to contact community police office.

Federation of Community Association; Friends of Landsdown launching a legal lawsuit around the process and misrepresentation of facts.

Question to councillor re moratorium on new subdivision development. Is there still a number that have already started the process?

Answer. Yes. There were several applications submitted before the moratorium. No specific numbers available.

St Isidore’s has final approval.

Solar farm: Does not change the zoning of the land. The soil under the solar farm is not good soil. There have been complaints about the look of solar systems.

The school board is looking at putting solar panels on their roofs.

Question re reducing speeding near Venta School – School signs and there is a traffic study to reduce the speed to 40 km

  1. Sept 13th 2010 Minutes: passed.

Adjournment  (Time 9:42)

Next meeting – November 10, 2010