September 2010

March Rural Community Association

Minutes- Sept. 8, 2010

Attendance: Judy Makin, Marilyn Shiposh, Phoebe Webber, Marie Cook, Marjorie Edwards, Jane MacLeod, Ken McQueen, Martha Webber, Tricia Willink, Brian Ward, Ann Ward.

1.  Call to Order; Introductions; Approval of Agenda.

2.  Circulation of Correspondence file

June Minutes

Letter to Council, NCC, MP/MPP’s re South March Highlands

Safety Audit of St. Isidore’s Church.

3.  Guest speaker- Linda McCormick, Coalition to Protect the South March Highlands.

The South March Highlands have been identified as an area of scientific interest since the 1960’s.  When the route for the Terry Fox Drive extension changed, the local landowners asked to have the urban boundary pushed out to Terry Fox.  The land inside the arc was studied as the “Special Study Area”, but his eventually was zoned for urban development.  (Note – Chris Busby was on this committee.) There probably are Blanding turtles in the area, which are a species at risk. To do a proper wildlife study would take years, and a proper study has not been done.  The city is putting in mitigation measures to protect the wildlife but these measures may not be necessary because they don’t know what animals are actually in the area.

A group incorporated and launched legal action against the city to get a judicial review of the process- the South March Highlands and Carp River Conservation Inc.  They are in the discovery phase and cross examining various experts. It’s a very expensive undertaking and they are raising funds by selling a calendars. Paving is planned to start on Terry Fox Road in 2 weeks.  There is contact between the lawyers because paving results in irremedial harm. If the City won’t agree to a delay, one option is to go to a triage court and ask for an immediate hearing for an injunction.

The original environment assessment for Terry Fox Drive recommended an eco passageway under Terry Fox Drive for all wildlife, as well as pedestrians. It was dropped because one of the adjacent landowners felt it would make the road so high it would impede the view from his property, plus it would have cost over 3 million dollars.

There is evidence of native pre-contact settlement in the South March Highlands. This should raise the area to another level of archaeological assessment. There was a study of the Broughton subdivision that has since been blasted. The original archaeologist found some artifacts there, and he did a stage 1 and 2 study, recommending 3 and 4. The landowner did not like that, fired him and refused to pay him. Then a new archaeologist was hired, who found nothing. This second archaeologist was also hired for the Richardson Ridge subdivision, and he has not found anything of note there, either.

The proposed Richardson Ridge subdivision has a wildlife strategy. They will make a really loud noise when they start to clearcut the forest, and work from the south to the north. The animals will move north to get away from the noise of the machines. It was recommended that the developer should contact wildlife protection groups to help them change the plan because the animals will panic and run in any direction.

Storm water management – The water flows from the highlands into the Carp River or Shirley’s Brook. They still have not resolved the stormwater modeling issues. Anyone whose property backs onto the Carp River is encouraged to contact their Councillor because this will affect property values.  The Carp River is the only river in a single municipality within all of Canada. The Carp River floods regularly. Carp is due for a lot of development that is currently on hold.  Flooding on the Carp River will be a hard fix. A study done by Carleton University 1970 determined the Carp River has a drop of  only 2.5 or so feet from the source to the Ottawa River.

4.  Development Applications:

a. YMCA Camp – new buildings and re-construction- Site Plan (See below)

b. 1651 Dunrobin – Response to Draft Conditions

c.  820/870/ 940 Huntmar Road – Rezoning Request. (EP to RU)

d.  St. Isidore’s – Minor Variance – increase height to 14.7 m.

e.  302 Herzberg – demolish existing, construct new home

5.  Treasurer’s Report; Year-End Summary Report provided by Marilyn Shiposh.

Chequing – $1,513; GIC’s $14,258; Rink income profit 256.00.

6.  June Minutes – Business arising:

    1. Richardson Ridge Subdivision – letter submitted from MRCA
    2. 1170 March Road – no decision from WAGS

7.  Candidate for Councillor, Ward 5- Alex Aronec –

613-290- 9916

Introduction – Student at Carleton U. in Political Science; project administrator for a project management company.  He wants to change how city staff think because he sees an ingrained mentality that “we can’t do something”.  A lot of people have been submitting idea’s to his website.

Q: Environmental Platform?

A: Two competing mutually exclusive interests – The March Highlands need to be protected, but not all development has to be blocked. E.g. Carp has a community expansion guideline.

Concern:    The MRA is not privy to changes to the development plans. We are only involved prior to the draft approval.  In the past, the City of Kanata would listen and put MRCA recommendations into their plans. The City of Ottawa will listen but they ignore our recommendations, and then break promises, do not follow Conditions.

Suggestion: Marianne Wilkinson has a community council meeting. Councillors Brooks and Thompson have their own ward councils. Does Ward 5 need a ward council meeting?

A – Not for a borough system, but will do some research on this question of consultation.

Note – There is a third candidate – James Parsons.  Judy will invite all three candidates to the next meeting.

8.  YMCA Site Proposal- Initial concerns:

No bathroom facilities in the cabins

The Director’s residence does not have a road leading to it.

No mention of community use of the facilities.

Judy will send a response, and will forward plan to residents on Sixth Line, as they have expressed an interest in replying as neighbours.

9. Update from Councillor Eli El-Chantiry:

-Council passed a motion providing permission to speak with the NCC re purchase of KNL subdivision lands north of Beaverpond.

-ARAC yesterday discussed Huntmar rezoning – voted to compensate Richcraft with a land swap.

-Infrastructure funds – Council debating how to spend remaining $.

Next meeting – October 13, 2010.